Skip the hassle of travelling to the clinic with your pet.

Just call and schedule a consultation over a video call on Zoom or Whatsapp.


Although there are constraints imposed by video-consultation, it could still provide convenience for the ‘quick look’ at some types of health issues or when you are not sure if a visit is necessary. Our vet online consultation is meant for an immediate checkup even when we would recommend you to visit afterward.

After the video-consultation with our practice, if our vet assesses that it is necessary to bring your pet to our practice for an in-clinic consultation, $20 will be waived off for the in-clinic visit consultation.

If you are too busy to make the trip or have anyone to help you bring your pet in, we can assist you with the booking of pet transportation to bring your pet to the clinic and back home.

Especially with the current COVID-19, where social distancing is warranted and Essential Services, like Vet Clinics, are only allowed to provide Emergency and Non-Elective medical services to pets, you might risk making a trip to the clinic only to find that vet clinic are not allowed to accept the case.


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