Oral Care

A lot of owners think it is normal for their pets to have bad breath until a certain age, but that is not true. Pet dental cleaning is the thumb rule for the best oral health.

Bad breath is caused by tartar formed on the teeth, which can cause infections where the gum will swell, as well as tooth decay. These can cause pain and discomfort to your pets.

Apart from that, it will also affect the kidney, liver and lungs. Bad oral health does not stop at the mouth! Get the dog dental scaling done today to ensure good oral health.

We would highly recommend pets to have their teeth brushed daily.

It would be a good idea to bring your beloved pets for a regular dental check-up from the affordable vet in Singapore.

Our vet will educate you on how to practice good oral health care standard for your pet at home to maintain their teeth and gum cleaner, healthier and longer before their next dental visit to the vet. It helps the pet owner save on veterinary costs and the pet risk having general anaesthetic more often than necessary.

You can consider cat dental scaling for the best health of your little kitten and stay away from future health problems.



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