Isolation Care

We have special inpatient care facilities for patients that require medical quarantine. This is in our special isolation ward with its own dedicated entrance and exit, separated from the rest of the clinic.

These patients have usually tested positive for infectious diseases or display clinical signs that are highly suspicious.

Visitation is discouraged. This is to control the spread of disease and the cost to the owner.

However, in some special cases where owners may visit, strict curfews and restrictions are imposed, and a prior appointment is to be made for the clients to be chaperoned by our professional staff.

We will be happy to explain any details to you or offer any assistance. You can even ask to speak to a doctor if you have questions about a surgery or medical test.

You can also ask to see where your pet will be warded overnight and what it will be fed.

We understand that a clinic stay may cause anxiety for you and your pet, and the more comfortable you both are, the easier it is on the veterinary staff. We are trained to accommodate you and educate you, so ask away.

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