Critical Care

We have special facilities for critical patients that need intensive treatment and dedicated medical attention.

They are housed in the Intensive Unit Ward for close monitoring and regular assessment with more intense monitoring and support.

Owners are welcomed to visit their beloved pets at our visiting hours so as to give the patients as much rest as they need, also to allow our staff to give treatments in a timely manner.

Visitation is by appointment only as this is a special ward.

We provide flexibility for visitation in this special ward as long as it does not compromise the standard of care the patients need.

We are happy to explain any details to you or offer any assistance. You can even ask to speak to a doctor if you have questions about a surgery or medical test.

You can also ask to see where your pet will be housed overnight, where it will be walked, and what it will be fed.

This is a scary situation for both you and your pet, and the more comfortable you both are, the easier it is on the veterinary staff. We are trained to accommodate you and educate you, so ask away.

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