Blood Analysis

Our in house laboratory is well equipped with the latest blood analyzers which enable us to quickly and accurately assess your pet’s blood samples.

The ability to obtain blood results within an hour is a very valuable part of a diagnostic workup and allows us to provide the best treatment options and care for your pet. It is especially valuable for very sick patients and those undergoing anaesthesia or surgery.

We are able to perform haematology, biochemistry, clotting profiles, blood-gas analysis as well as in house cytology. We regularly perform haematology and biochemistry testing before surgery to ensure our patients are in good health before proceeding with an anaesthetic.

Our haematology analyzer allows us to check whether our patients have any signs of infection or anaemia and check their platelet numbers which can affect their clotting ability. If there are any concerns over bleeding during surgery, we can specifically check each patient’s clotting profile and any abnormalities can then be addressed, thus minimizing the surgical risk.

Biochemistry is also very important, especially in older patients. It allows us to check whether the liver and kidney function, as well as glucose and electrolyte levels, are optimal prior to surgery.

Please call us for enquiry about other tests not listed here.

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