What To Expect On Your First Visit

To register, please bring along your NRIC (for Singaporean) or Passport (for Expat) and your pet’s vaccination record, microchip number and/or Dog licensing registration number with AVS, if you have one.

Please bring along all medical records and test results or diagnostic images if you have them. Alternatively, you can contact the vet clinic(s) you had visited previously to request they sent the medical histories and test results to us via email or fax.

Do allow at least 30 minutes for your first visit as detailed medical histories have to be taken.

If it is a complex case or a patient with a long medical history, please allow at least 45 to 90 minutes for the vet to check thru the medical histories and discuss the case with you.

Our friendly receptionist will be able to help you estimate the time required when you phone for an appointment.

Avoid The Queue.
Book An Appointment In Advance.

Call Us To Book An Appointment

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