Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

October 15, 2020 Learning Center

Playing with your cat is the one of the best ways to build up an intimate bond between the two of you. This is important as the cat will trust you and when you needed to care for it, whether medically or doing grooming, it would allow the cat to be more relaxed.  It will also build up your cat’s confidence. Regular play periods, coupled with lots of petting, will get your cat used to human interaction. Thus your cat will be less likely to shy away or be fearful of visitors coming to your home.  .

Playing is also an opportunity to instill some discipline in your cat, especially curbing aggressive behaviour. Check your cat during play time not to scratch, bite or attack you; while praising it when it plays gently or directed its attacks on its toys instead of you! This discipline will also help your cat to behave correctly with your visitors, or attacking other items in the house.

We all know that feeding a correct balanced diet is the best way to keep your cat trim and avoid over-weight. But exercise through playing is also a good way of maintaining its health as well as making sure it sweats, contributing to weight control, as cats unlike dogs do not generally go out for walks. .

Cats need fun in their lives, just like humans need it. Relieve the monotony of eating and sleeping, by putting a bit of fun in your cat’s life. You will have a happier, more confident, and approachable kitty.

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